Fix the Money, Fix the Web

Here's the thing about Bitcoin: it forces you to think about things differently. We believe that Bitcoin is the most important thing that's happening in the world and that fixing the money is a moral imperative.

A New Paradigm

Bitcoin represents a new paradigm, the paradigm of self-sovereignty and extreme ownership. It is this paradigm that makes sovereign engineering a necessity. Lyn Alden said it best:

"Bitcoin companies don't want your bitcoin. They want you to hold your bitcoin. The whole point of Bitcoin is to avoid counterparty risk."
The whole point is to put the individual in charge, to put the user in control again. With control comes freedom, and with freedom comes responsibility.


Freedom requires responsibility, and we see it as our responsibility to help build tools and companies right, with freedom and self-sovereignty at the core. We want to build powerful tools and services, and we want to build them right.

We believe that we are at a pivotal point in history. What we build now will echo in eternity, to paraphrase a great emperor. And we take the responsibility of getting it right seriously.


In this bright future, we must not forget the past. Why did the web evolve the way it evolved? What got captured, what didn't? And why? How could it have evolved differently if Bitcoin & Lightning existed 30 years ago? How can we think about things differently now that they do exist?

We believe that Bitcoin & Lightning allows us to re-think how we build things, how we monetize things, and how we do and coordinate things. Nostr is one example. We're sure there are many more. Let's explore them together.

What Are You Waiting For?

Do you love Bitcoin, and what it represents? Do you enjoy the crazyness of nostr? Do you need an excuse to get away for two months, hiding out on a remote island with some crazy people technically versed optimists that want to fix the money, and fix the web? Well... what are you waiting for?


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